Product Description



The EXCELLENTWAY WORK TO HOME AND FAMILY EMERGENCY SUPPLIES PROGRAM is designed to provide the employees of any business the ability to acquire emergency supplies at the work place, use them there, or take them home for family use. The employer purchases the supplies and retains control of their use. In the event of imminent danger or drastic events, they may be released for use at home.


This is an excellent way to be wise, to be smart, and to be ready for those kinds of situations that threaten the well being and even the very lives of trusted and valuable employees AND their immediate families. It is one of the best and most heart felt ways a business can show their honest appreciation for their employees.

An ExWay Agent will conduct a survey of available space, consider the approximate number of employees and family members and develop a custom plan for the business.

After the supplies are delivered, the ExWay Agent will help train the employees in the proper storage and use of such supplies by one or more seminars.

In the event of a natural or man-made emergency event, the Excellentway Stock Supplies are distributed and can be used at the work place if necessary, or removed by each employee for their family and home use.

Employees may also purchase the same type of Excellentway Stocks Of Emergency Supplies for home use at a reduced rate for a limited time. Such supplies may be useful in the event that a natural or man-made event occurs when not at work, when there is not enough time to reach the work supplies, or to increase the total amount of supplies available.

We also offer an OFFICE / CONDO HIGH RISE ESCAPE PALLET option. These supplies take up a smaller storage footprint and are designed to help up to 5 persons make an immediate departure or emergency escape as necessary.


A great way to "Be Wise, Be Smart, Be Ready" and prove the appreciation you have for your employees AND their families. In these times, when few people are truly prepared to any degree, and more and more employees feel neglected, an employer can show their real commitment and appreciation for their business family. Such a program increases loyalty, promotes good will, and might even save lives...


An ExWay Agent can answer any question you may have about this program at any time, 24 hours, 365 days a year: