Product Description

[Standard Excellentway Water Pallet 150+, without outer security wrap]


The Standard Excellentway Water Pallet 150 Plus System Supplies 150 Gallons Of Water Immediately, And A Possible 1260 Gallons Of Additional Water Using Water Filter Kits And Suspect Water Sources. A total of 1410 gallons of water may be produced using an Excellentway Water Pallet.

It Is Designed To Provide A Dispensing Water Station For 28 Persons For 5 Days And Additional Possible Filtered Water For 28 Persons Up To 45 Days. Various Other Methods May Also Be Employed To Use And Distribute The Water.


Each Excellentway Water Pallet includes:

* 140 Gallons, Natural Spring Water in 28 - Five Gallon Jugs With Handles.

* 10.6 Gallons, Natural Spring Water in 70 - Twenty Ounce Bottled Waters.

* 7 Water Filter Kits. [Each Kit May Purify Up To 180 Gallons Of A Clear Suspect Water Source]

* 2 Five Gallon Jug Tabletop Brackets.

* 30 Plastic Canteens With Belt Clips.

* 30 Water Jug Spigots

* 30 Water Jug Caps

* 150 Cups

* 1 Nitrile Gloves Pack

* 2 Marker Clamps

* 1 Mini-Clibpard with Notepad

* 1 Instruction Manual

* 1 Tool Set

* 1 Lemonade Mix Powder For Group

* 1 Tropical Punch Mix Powder For Group


This Excellentway Water Pallet Dispensing Station supplies a variety of water dispensing options depending on the type of situation or emergency conditions that exist at the time. Plan And Consider How Water Is To Be Distributed Before The Event To Ensure Best Use Of Supplies:




* GROUP: Group To Be Dispensed 150 Gallons Water Until Gone, 70 Twenty Ounce Bottled Waters, 28 Five Gallon Water Jugs, 30 Canteens, Plastic Cups, etc.

Hand out 70 Twenty Ounce Bottled Waters. Attach one or more Water Jug Spigots to Five Gallon Water Jugs, mount on top of or side of pallet in storage hole or use tabletop brackets. Dispense water into canteens and cups. Add Lemonade or Tropical Punch powder if desired. Look for and acquire other water sources. Use Water Filter Kits to filter suspect water into clean empty Water Jugs and continue dispensing.

RESULT: One Pallet Can Immediately Serve About 200 People With 20 Ounces Of Water Each, Or 28 Persons With 5 Gallons Of Water Each, Or Such An Amount As May Be Determined.

Dispense About 150 Gallons Until Gone, And Then have The Ability For 1260 Additional Gallons Using Water Filters And Other Suspect Water Sources. Allow One Gallon Per Person Per Day, More If Hot Or Strenuous Activities.



* EACH PERSON AND FAMILY: Each Person Taking Four 5 Gallon Water Jugs, Ten 20 Ounce Bottled Waters, Four Canteens, One Water Filter Kit.

RESULT: One Pallet Can Immediately Serve 7 Families Of 4 Each Person Water For 5 Days, And Possible Additional Water For 45 Days Using Water Filter And Suspect Water Sources.


This is a rugged, self contained, well thought out solution to storing, dispensing and filtering water. As part of the Excellentway Lifetime System, it represents a lifetime method of being somewhat ready and prepared for a wide range of possible natural or man made emergency events. The www.Excellentway.com Water Pallet System can be a virtual oasis for persons who are stranded and cut off from their normal lives. Water is necessary. It is second only to good air for our very survival. One might last weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. Be ready.

The Water Pallet has dimensions of about 3' by 3 1/2' square by 6' tall. This is one of the most efficient ways to store the greatest amount of water in the least amount of space. The protective plastic rack can be broken down into sections for transport. We load the pallet with 140 gallons of Natural Spring Water, 70 Bottled Spring Waters, and also provide 7 Water Filter Kits to help purify 1260 additional gallons of suspect water. We provide various ways to mount and use the 5 Gallon Jugs and distribute the water, including plastic canteens, for ease of use. We also supply Lemonade and Tropical Punch powder mixes for group use.

We then seal the entire pallet in a tamper evident shrink wrap plastic to help maintain the integrity of your supplies. You can also use the Water Pallet on a continuous basis by replacing and rotating your stock. We will certify that your supplies are adequate to provide for 28 persons for at least five days. Each pallet is plainly marked with a Certification ID Tag which indicates its date of birth or last recertification. At no additional cost, we will track and monitor your supplies for at least one year from the date of purchase. If there is any doubt as to the quality or status of your supplies we may inspect them and replace or offer upgrades at any time. A lack of monitoring is the main reason good supplies become obsolete. Just having such supplies is not the end of being prepared, they must be checked and maintained to some degree. The water itself, and other items should be replaced and possibly updated periodically. On the one year anniversary of the sale of your stocks, we provide the opportunity for you to refresh, update, and recertify your supplies.

Your purchase includes our support and training which creates the awareness and the confidence that people need to effectively cope with difficult times. We provide one free local training seminar to demonstrate the proper storage and use of each type of pallet which must be scheduled within ten days of the date of delivery. Additional seminars can be scheduled for a nominal fee. These seminars help to reassure people and promote a feeling of security before, during, and after an emergency event. Although under best conditions one may store water indefinitely, water should probably be rotated continuously or replaced every six months or once a year. We also provide Marker Clamps to place on bottles to help ensure proper rotation of your stock if you choose to use them on a continuous basis. Unit rack and pallet are black. Total Weight is about 1500 pounds. Not for export or resale. We supply only full pallets of water certified and sealed at the time of shipment. Custom pallets may be designed. We ship anywhere in the USA from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at standard rates. Purchase an Excellentway Lifetime System Of Emergency Stocks today, and be prepared for a lifetime, with available update and refresh options.

If some loud noise, confusion, immediate threat, each person must determine their own best action:



In uncertain times, knowing that you have such emergency supplies and the knowledge on how to use them, is something priceless. We encourage you to be wise, be smart, be ready!

* Actual product may differ from example shown.

ONE EXCELLENTWAY WATER PALLET 150 PLUS SYSTEM @ $3000.00, plus Shipping & Handling.