Product Description


These are very serious light sources for special situations, search and rescue or other emergencies. This is a typical example of an Excellentway Lifetime System; An excellent amount of light when nothing else compares, often more than required. Some of the most excellent lights found in all the world.

Super Spotlight Group Includes 3 Items:

Spotlights #1 and #2:

3500/70 Lumens. Two compact weather resistant handheld spotlights. Each spotlight uses a rechargeable battery and produces 3500 Luumens HID light intensity for 1.5 hours or 70 Lumens dim LED light for 40 hours. Two extremely bright spotlights and/or low intensity emergency lights for special situations. Includes two additional rechargeable batteries, etc. Made In China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

Spotlight #3:

4500/3000 Lumens in a handheld waterproof style package. Uses a rechargeable battery and produces 4500 Lumens HID light intensity for 1 hour, or 3000 Lumens HID light intensity for 1.5 hours. One extremely well built all weather high intensity light source. Includes one additional rechargeable battery, etc. Made in South Korea. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

About The Excellentway Lifetime System Super Sportlight Group:

Sometimes the night must be fought back with an intense and blazing torch that brings the intensity of the sun. Necessary for Search And Rescue or other extraordinary events. Be ready to respond with a bright and powerful light that reveals the hidden truth...

* Actual product may differ from examples shown.