Decals Available: Order #: Quantity: Description: Cost:

Clear Decal: #C100 10 pack Basic Symbol 2” x 2” 50.00 #C200 10 pack Basic Symbol With Explanation 2” x 4” 50.00

Standard Decal: #S300 10 pack Basic Symbol 2” x 2” 50.00 #S400 10 pack Basic Symbol With Explanation 2” x 4” 50.00

Woven Patch: #W500 10 pack Basic Symbol 2” x 2” 50.00 #W600 10 pack Basic Symbol With Explanation 2” x 4” 50.00

SS Plaque: #SS700 1 Basic Symbol with Lifetime License 8” x 10” x Ό” Stainless Steel Plate 1000.00

Combo Pack: #A900 20 Pack 8 Standard Decals Basic Symbol Assorted 6 Clear Decals Basic Symbol 6 Woven Patches Basic Symbol 150.00

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If a person and/or group can abide by this simple promise and agreement, then they may use such mark for a small yearly license fee.

It is to be displayed ONLY upon license and permission and agreement with The Excellentway Society, using their marked items, and not further reproducing said mark in any way, shape, manner, or form. It is also not to be further displayed if such license is expired or revoked.

Standard License:

1 to 5 Persons/Areas:...................................$125 Flat Rate For 1 Year. ($25/Unit)

1 to 30 Persons/Areas:.................................$600 Flat Rate For 1 Year. ($20/Unit)

31 to 500 Persons/Areas:..............................$1,500 Flat Rate For 1 Year. ($3/Unit)

501 to 1000 Persons/Areas:...........................$2,900 Flat Rate For 1 Year. ($0.35/Unit)

1 Area Permanent Installation Stainless Steel Plaque With Lifetime License (100 Years Unless Revoked For Cause):..........$1000.00 ($10.00/Year)

* Custom license may be available.

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1. The Starburst Decree™ mark is provided with a unique Identifier Number, available in custom made clear, solid, or woven decals, and even stainless steel plaques. It is used only by yearly license from This is a system to notify all that video or other documentation may be occurring, that the party agrees to manage the gathered information with reason, and that they are trying to keep a more excellent world. No returns. No refunds. Charges and policies may change without notice. 2. Use the Clear Decals on windows or door glass, Standard Decals on any solid clean surface, and Woven Patches on uniforms or clothing. A mix of Basic Symbol marks and Basic Symbol With Explanation marks, may provide the best way to inform the public of its meaning. You can order as many marks as you wish. 3. Possibly use Decals With Explanation for a certain period of time, then replace with Basic Decals. Perhaps use Decals With Explanation on outer doors and Basic Symbol marks within the area, or use Basic Decal marks entirely for a professional, modern look… 4. Explanation of Starburst Decree™ mark at: 5. Decals and plaques located at or near eye level are the easiest to read and notice. 6. Consider keeping the stainless steel plaque or decal in view of the camera to monitor any possible vandalism to it. 7. Make sure the area is clean and dry before applying the decals. 8. Always display the entire mark showing the Starburst Decree™ term and Identifier Number at the bottom. Any other partial use, modification or reproduction, is misuse of the mark. 9. Each unique decal is created for a specific client for their own exclusive use during the paid license period only. Please notify, email to, if the exclusive mark is being copied, reproduced without permission, or misused in any way, shape, manner, or form. Thank You. 10. Users of this mark agree to manage the gathered information with reason, compassion, and kindness, and not to deliberately embarrass, insult, intimidate or otherwise harm parties observed, and to act in an excellent manner, to cooperate with the spirit of the law, and the philosophy of good, for a more excellent world. 11. Licensee may transfer license to other person/business under certain conditions. Please contact us. 12. This mark does not deny any obligations to follow Federal, State, or Local Laws in your area.


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