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There may be invisible radioactive, Neutron, Gamma, X Ray, or Radon sources around us. These detrimental radiation sources may be damaging our health on a daily basis or happen suddenly without notice. Use the Radiation Dosimeters to monitor your accumulated dose as you walk the world, or in a nuclear emergency, check your possible exposure. Use the Standard Radiation Detectors to check for low or high levels of radiation in the event of a nuclear accident or emergency. Use the Radon Detection Monitor to determine your daily and long term exposure to deadly Radon Gas in your living environment. During nuclear events or emergencies, use the Smoke Escape Hoods with special filters to avoid breathing contaminated air. Finally, in the event of the release of certain radioactive elements, consider taking an anti-radiation Iodine Treatment.

An Excellentway Lifetime System, being more aware and more prepared than most of the others around you, for your own peace of mind and those you love.

Radiation Group Includes 19 Items:

DUAL GAUGE DOSIMETERS #1, #2, #3, #4, AND #5:

These are carbon fiber direct reading dosimeters for indicating High Energy Gamma and X Rays. Set to zero using a Dosimeter Charger, one scale shows accumulated dose to 200 Milliroentgens. When zeroed and read in 60 seconds, the other scale can indicate exposure rate or intensity in Roentgens Per Hour. A simple and reliable method to monitor your day to day background radiation exposure and possibly determine that a higher more dangerous radiation level is present. Made In U.S.A.


This is a battery free hand operated charger used to initially charge or reset the fiber dosimeters. Made In U.S.A.


This is a battery powered dosimeter charger used to read or reset the fiber dosimeters. Made In U.S.A.


These are bubble dosimeters that will indicate neutron radiation only, as high enegy neutrons pass through the chamber, bubbles are created. One of the few ways known to mankind to measure these deep penetrating and highly destructive neutrons. Made In Canada, Favor U.S.A.


One Standard Low Range Radiation Detector.

This is a quality tested design used for the monitoring of low range radiation levels. Such a device can be used to check for radioactive sources and fallout levels in the case of a nuclear release or disaster. Not suitable for determining higher and more dangerous levels of radiation. Made In U.S.A.


One Standard High Range Radiation Detector.

This device can help to determine the current radiation levels of an area, but at higher and possibly more dangerous levels. Not suitable to detect lower levels of radiation. Made In U.S.A.


One Electronic Radon Gas Monitor. This device can be plugged into an outlet and stationed in various rooms to provide an idea of the amount of Radon Gas present over time. No amount of Radon Gas is good for you. Radon Gas is a naturally occurring colorless and odorless radioactive gas released by the ground and sometimes even the water, beneath and around us. It represents a real and present health danger and threat which is commonly ignored. Made In China, Favor U.S.A.


This is an oral Iodine Treatment suitable for adults and children. In the event of certain specific types of radiation release, iodine may be recommended to keep radioactive elements out of your thyroid and prevent harm. Made In U.S.A.

5 SMOKE ESCAPE HOODS #15, #16, #17, #18, AND #19:

Each Smoke Escape Hood is designed to be worn in the case of a fire to help escape a smoke filled environment. They may also be used in the case of a nuclear event or accident, using other special filters, to avoid breathing contaminated air. Made In South Korea, Favor U.S.A.

About The Excellentway Lifetime System Radiation Group:

There may be invisible harmful radiations around us, in our daily lives, or in the event of a nuclear emergency or attack. Be more prepared than most. Check your background radiation dose which should be about 10 Milliroentgens per month or so, depending on where you live. Check For Radon levels in the various areas where you live and work.

During a nuclear event or emergency, nothing else really matters than your immediate safety and the well being of those you love. Assemble and keep the tools you need ready for those rare and impossible times that may test us in the extreme. As you walk the world, instead of being helpless and unaware, keep the tools you need to observe the possibly harmful radiations that may surround us day to day, or during some kind of emergency event. Above all, keep an excellent and hopeful spirit, confident in your abilities and ready for the world...

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