Product Description


Art, jewelry, practical holder and possible tool. Something simple, strong, elegant, and useful day to day. A Lifetime System, a motivational focus item endorsed by The Excellentway Society. A reflection of your self, and your resourceful, elegant style.

1 Carabiner:

A locking D carabiner, mocha color with twist lock gate. This is a high quality aluminum anodized carabiner, stress tested to about 5000 pounds tensile strength the long way top to bottom, and 1500 pounds tensile strength sideways. Size is about 4.5" x 3.0" wide at most. Made in China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

About The Excellentway Lifetime System Carabiner:

We all carry precious tools around with us. Items that we deem necessary to help us on our way, help to rescue us from our daily challenges and keep us prepared and confident. Equip yourself well. Hold the wisdom of the ages within you, and keep some precious tools close and at hand.

Use a carabiner like a piece of walking art, use it to carry your keys, water bottles, or even your shoes while walking on the beach... Hang on a belt loop or purse. Use it with a chain to pull a vehicle out of a ditch, or with a rope and some training to rappel from a burning building...

An Excellentway Lifetime System motivational item. Strong, simple, excellent. Let it encourage and motivate you. Focus your life similar to this object. Be strong, wise, and excellent in your own character and purpose. Model your life in such a manner. Explore the world and be ready for whatever you encounter, keeping a strong, simple, and excellent attitude...

* Actual product may differ from example shown, two color not available.