Excellentway Help Needed:


1. Hawk needs 1000 signatures on Ipetition if you agree. You can sign up anonymously if you wish at the web site:




2. Hawk Seeks Investors For Sub Projects:

Hawk has created a new system to heat and cool inside or outside spaces and provide a better type of air to breathe while in those spaces. The system can store energy for cloudy days, without using batteries. The system employs a very basic method, uses 90% fewer parts than a typical heating or cooling process, and uses no fossil fuels, (#2 Home Fuel Oil, Natural or LP Gas, or Electricity from coal fired or Nuclear power plants), resulting in zero greenhouse gas emissions. Using Solar Energy to generate a small amount of electricity powers this very simple and yet effective system which has the ability to heat or cool virtually any space, any where... Freeways, streets, roads and sidewalks, backyards, homes and garages, patios and porches, etc...

Various other Sub Systems need development.


3. Hawk Seeks Investors For Ultra Modern Structure/City: - TERRA TRABE PROJECT -

The world is far overdue for building better structures and cities. It is now possible to build a far better type of structure or city and environment, than ever before. The designer needs various technical people for assistance and investors to fund.


TERRA TRABE PROJECT information is not for general public distribution or further release without permission. Any parties having a serious interest in such types of projects may call or send an Email. Some insight into the project can be obtained by reading the book; One Excellent Place, Design, and Creation... by Hawk.

Hawk at 414.476.4295 24 hours


4. Hawk Schedule:

"One should plan a route of the journey that is your life, but always flexible, ready to pause and watch the sunsets or waterfalls that surprise you..."


[ X ] Open To New Suggestions

[ X ] Working.

[...] On Vacation From _____ To _____.

May or may not be checking Emails.



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