One ExWay Agent Inventory:  Taking Stock

If one considers the world before them, and then considers ones' self... and if one decides to make a commitment to Trying To Be Excellent...

Of Resolute Commitment:

Decide that my world will be something excellent. Not by grand displays or guilded in gold, but in my efforts and my works, practical but uncompromising projects. My life, and my world, to be something excellent, by word and by deed.

Of My Soul:

A good and hopeful spirit, seeing the promise in the new of the day. Holding the good and reviewing the good, appreciating the beauty around me, and keeping a resolute path.

Of My Methods:

Trying to be expertly efficient. Taking notes, making notes, not letting ideas slip away. Write it down, orgainize the thought, start some new project, finish an old project, upgrade something better, consider the possibility of a new idea...

Of My Persistence:

Not giving up so easily, listening to the dream whisper to me and denying the voices all around saying it cannot be so. Keeping a knowing attitude, blazing ahead without regard, and at all costs...

As I wake; I rise amid an uncluttered space. Items nearest me, TV and DVD Player, Cell Phone, Land Line Phone, Flashlight, rest on metal rack nearby. Exercise equipment within easy reach. The window gets opened, not even awake yet. TV on, start working out. Reviewing plan for today. What needs to get done. What would really like to get done. Jot notes down for the day. Eat something. Check computer notes and projects. Shower and grooming. Assemble notes and items needed. Ready for the world. Out the door.