This web site is based on the philosophy of Trying To Be Excellent. It is a place where you might find some little inspiration and encouragement, some excellent items to help motivate you, and a way perhaps, to a more excellent life...

The Excellentway Society is a for-profit business which promotes the philosophy of "Trying To Be Excellent" and sells membership in the society, personal trainer consultations, and items that may help to improve your attitude, your world, and the world in general...

As a member of The Excellentway Society;

You must promise and agree, you must do what you can to make your life, yourself, one excellent thing... You must be excellent to the people around you. You must try to be better than average, to do something more than just get by, to just exist. In all areas of your life, personal and business, you must find a way to improve, to conquer the details, to pay the price, to take the time, to take the effort, and do what it takes... to Try To Be Excellent.

There is no obligation to purchase any items. As a matter of fact, some people simply read through the site and become more inspired and encouraged, just for considering the philosophy... :)

The Excellentway web site started in late 1999 and went on line in the year 2000. It was born of the good intentions and valid disappointments of a man called The Hawk. It exists as an extension of his philopsophy in the hope that encouraging excellence without arrogance, results in a better world for all...

Encouraging people to be excellent, wise and honorable, is far more important than selling items. However, with membership in the business, a personal trainer at your side and the purchase of some excellent items to help motivate you, a more excellent and happier life may be yours...

We believe that a business can promote a good and wise philosophy and also sell the personal trainer involvement and items that can help to make it happen. Words AND Actions, Thoughts AND Things, Knowing AND Doing...

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All Items, Availability, Prices, Services, Methods, and Comments are subject to revision and improvement or change without notice at any time.

A 10% discount is provided for all current Excellentway Society members in good standing. Additional tax, shipping and handling fees may also be applied to any purchase.

We attempt to process your order within 24 hours of receiving it. Due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be delays in production or shipping. For an update on your order, E Mail us with your name and order number.

We cannot guarantee that any item will function or behave as claimed or will fit your particular use at any time. We are at the mercy of the integrity and claims of the manufacturer. The buyer, by act of purchase assumes the responsibility to determine the appropriate security of and storage, use, maintenance, legality, and disposal of any and all items sold, and will hold us harmless for any liability or possible claim that may arise.

We are dedicated to promoting the idea and the philosophy of excellence. The items we sell are used to help focus and motivate you toward such a goal. We attempt to provide the methods, the tools, and some little inspiration and encouragement.

We search the world for the most excellent items available, wherever they are made. We will try to Help The World, but Favor U.S.A., in the purchase of such items. Such items are deemed excellent for our purposes based soley on our possibly flawed personal evaluation, use, and intention.

We offer groups of items which cover a wider variety of possible events than a single item can, and which encourage the upgrading of older items, and the sharing of older or excess items. Keep some excellent items for yourself, a guest, something extra just in case, and share the rest. Your purchase helps to benefit the business and further encourage the philosophy of the Excellentway Society.

No refunds. No other warranties express or implied. Please note the original manufacturers warranty and return policies for items. We do not accept unauthorized returns, please call for information before shipping any item to us.

We also offer some words of wisdom, interesting thoughts, consulting and training, based on our possibly flawed philosophical ideas and observations which may change without notice at any time.

Membership in the Excellentway Society and any possible reward or denial of reward to persons acknowledged to have performed some excellent act, is based solely on our determination at any time.

No part or this site may be reprinted or reproduced in any way, shape, manner, or form without written permission. All stories, photos, comments, or any item submitted to us, will be considered freely donated and automatically become the property of Excellentway.

All members are expected to act in a wise and kind manner at all times. Membership may be revoked at any time for any reason without refund. We ask that you make the attempt on a daily basis, to: "Try To Be Excellent."

Thank you.


* PTDSW Pardon The Dust, Still Working... This site and the Excellentway Society are a work in progress.



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