Product Description

The Hawk Oil Lamp is a stainless steel pole oil lamp with a triple wick that produces a 3" flame for about 12 hours. It has been tested during wind gusts up to 20 Miles Per Hour and still remain lit. Something of a modern art sculpture, it is a simple and rugged construction, made to last a lifetime!

The Hawk Oil Lamp produces a soothing romantic ambiance, and also promotes a philosophical questioning from the laser engraved quote on one side. A truly unique and interesting oil lamp! Please see "Wisdom Plates" for list of possible quotes available.

Help create a warm and inviting area, use for emergency backup lighting, or help to celebrate special occasions!

Hawk Oil Lamp includes a heavy iron base for temporary placement, or can be permanently mounted in hard soil, rock, or concrete.

See Utube Video (c)2016 Hawk, somehow shows inventors' face in the flame of the last frame of the video! Cool! Not a trick!


* Actual product may differ from example shown.

About The Hawk Oil Lamp:

Something basic and soothing about the glow of a burning flame, reaching back into our past to feel some comfort there and hope for the future... So too, today, while you keep busy and occupied with one project after another... Take some time to study the stars, and sit before a fire or a nice single flame. Consider the light and heat the flame produces and remember what the cave men and women felt so long long ago... We are safe for now and soon to be ready for bigger challenges, and the sunrise! Take some comfort from the flame before you, and let it give you strength for the sunrise and the day ahead!

HAWK OIL LAMP @ $2500.00