Product Description

Hawk has modified a standard clipboard to make it more functional, The Hawk Super Clipboard (TM). It still resembles a simple plastic clipboard, but has been upgraded for the most serious and safety minded professional.

A bright orange color for visibility, it features a clipboard on each side, top AND bottom. Each clipboard has double clips to hold papers for windy or bad weather conditions. One side has a clear board for protected viewing of notes or reference materials stored underneath. One side can be used for the work at hand, and then flip it over for an instant access to reference or other materials.

There is an option to mount a GPS Reader, OR a Video Unit on the front face. If you need to record GPS Coordinates and/or Compass Heading, order with the GPS Reader. If you need to record video with GPS/Date/Time imprint, order with the Video Unit.

There are 4 blue LED lights to view documents and help light your way, a detachable mini 300 Lumen flashlight, and a bullet resistant insert to help protect you.

It was developed from years of experience in the process service industry where agent visibility and safety is a major concern. It includes a chrome ID Tag with the option to imprint your choice of a 5 digit serial number or ID at no extra charge, attached to each Super Clipboard.

About The Hawk Super Clipboard (TM):

Work is tough enough! Use the best tools and methods possible, to make your work easier! If your day to day work involves handling papers, consider this tool, it makes a professional statement just by holding it. It puts a regular clipboard to shame, and instead, shows a more professional attitude.

It is both a clipboard and a flashlight in one unit, which allows you more freedom for your other hand to perform other tasks. Great for tactical approaches to vehicles or street interviews, door to door canvassing, emergency medical responders, or others who want to increase their efficiency, safety, and visibility. Created using stainless steel hardware throughout, it also includes a stainless steel doorbell button nipple on one corner and a bullet resistant IIIA insert for possible protection from sudden threats. The GPS Reader unit will not only provide you GPS Coordinates and Compass Direction, but it can tell you if the fish might be biting... Yes, really!

Be professional, keep a sense of humor, do an excellent job, use excellent tools and methods. Be excellent about your life and your work. This tool can help...

Consider using in combination with the Hawk Super ID(TM), which can be lighted at dusk or night for better visibility, public notice, and safety.

* Actual Product May Differ From Product Shown.

* Custom Clipboards May Be Designed.

ONE EXCELLENTWAY HAWK SUPER CLIPBOARD (TM), NO ELECTRONICS @ $600.00 plus shipping and handling.

ONE EXCELLENTWAY HAWK SUPER CLIPBOARD (TM) WITH GPS READER @ $650.00 plus shipping and handling.


SERVICE CONTRACT PER CLIPBOARD PER YEAR, 24 Hour Turn Around Time On Repair, Replacement, or Battery Refresh @ $150.00.

LOST AND FOUND CONTRACT PER CLIPBOARD PER YEAR, Possible Method To Find Lost Or Stolen Clipboard @ $300.00.