Note the good of others and your own, and then build on such efforts, consider just for one moment, the good accomplished...

One Excellent Moment, from various ExWay Agents or others encouraged by The Excellentway Society:

- 6/2013:

A shot rings out at a casino. People are running, no one knows what is happening. An ExWay Agent happens to be there. Shocked and surprised he starts running... Then he stops, thinking what good he might do. He circles around taking cover behind the slot machines hoping to see what is happening. Then, there! Two people wrestling on the ground with a gun. He considered what he might do, and then thought now or never was the time to do it. TAAX training took over. He Thought first, then Acted, Assumed the responsibility, and did the Excellent thing! He hurled himself into action runing faster then he imagined possible, jumping over something, a chair or person, just a blur... Then on the floor with them trying to wrestle the gun away. Another man jumps on, and then another. The ExWay Agent gets the gun and gives it to security. The gunman stood there for a moment and then ran off, later to be arrested. One woman was hit by the bullet, but survived.

Well done, Excellentway Agent! Well done also, the other two men who acted with courage and stepped up and did the excellent thing. You may have kept one or more others from being hurt or killed. Excellent! We salute all of you and thank you!

The Excellentway Society

- 5/2012:

Annual cleanup of General Mitchell Boulevard Park, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In a salute to The Brewers, and to help the community and Milwaukee County Parks, we picked up trash and cleaned areas along the parkway. We gathered about 6 large 55 gallon size bags of trash, raked and swept some areas, and generally improved the view. Well done, and thanks to all those who helped from The Excellentway Society, Hawk Detective, Kellys Bleachers, and Mo's Irish Pub!

- 6/2011:

An elderley well dressed gentleman was holding on to a signal light on the corner of Mason and Water Streets, on a very windy day, in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Agent noticed him and thought he was waiting for a cab or someone to pick him up. However, after a minute when no one appeared the Agent walked up to him and asked him how it was going... He replied that he was afraid of falling down from the wind. He stated that he was going to ask some of the women that were walking by for help, but that they were a little small and might not be up to it... Agent escorted him across the street and a few blocks to his destination. He was very grateful and they had a nice conversation on the way...

- 5/30/2011, Memorial Day:

Annual tribute and salute to all those who have served and died in the armed forces of the United States. People all over the world are dying so that the rest of us can live peacefully here, the least we can do is keep our places clean and enjoyable.

We removed and picked up weeds and 2 large 55 gallon bags of litter, glass, etc., at Hawks Point, the concrete sidewalk area across from the black iron fenced in gardens on Lincoln Memorial Drive, at the lakefront, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Those who stayed afterwards for the picnic enjoyed the Chicken Shish Ka Bobs, garlic bread, and drinks.

- 5/2011:

Annual park cleanup at General Mitchell Boulevard Park, near Miller Park baseball Park went very well. As a tribute to the Brewers, and helping keep Milwaukee County Parks beautiful, we picked up 5 large 55 gallon bags of litter, weeds, etc. Thanks to all involved from Hawk Detective Agency, Excellentway Society, Kellys Bleachers, and Mo's Irish Pub.

- 4/13/2010:

Agent discovered van stopped dead in freeway lane backing up traffic. Agent placed cones and flashing warning light. Vehicle could not be pushed to side. State Patrol and Milwaukee County Sheriff arrived and arranged tow for driver.

- 4/2010:

Agents have adopted looking after and keeping an eye on General Mitchell Boulevard Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As part of an onging project Agents thoroughly cleaned trash at the park and general area near Miller Park. Lights were out along parkway, notified Alderman Michael Murphy and Milwaukee County Parks, who quickly corrected the problem. Go Brewers!

- 2/2003:

An ExWay Agent noticed three males walking down a sidewalk. There is something about them, something looked suspicious for some reason. A car comes down the street, stops and picks them up. Agent gets a description and license plate number, makes a note. Agent gets in his vehicle and travels back up the street, tracing their path back in the opposite direction. At the corner a man is running aournd excitedly. He says some guys just committed an armed robbery at the store. Agent handed him the note with the license plate number on it and says, here, give this to the police. Within the hour the police arrest the suspects. Chief Arthur Jones appreciates his help.

So do we! Excellent job ExWay Agent!



A man who had been driving an older van had engine trouble and was stopped dead at a stop light at a busy intersection. An ExWay Agent noticed the problem and the driver vainly trying to direct people around his car. The cars behind him were delayed and visibly upset at the slow traffic. The Agent stopped and put out some construction cones, one on top of the vehicle itself, to help make people aware, and direct cars around the van. Then another man with a woman on a motorcycle noticed the situation, parked nearby, and walked over to help too. The owner of the van showed up. The three of them pushed the van out of the way into a nearby parking lot. The ExWay Agent noticed the honorable efforts of the motorcycle man and paid a small amount towards his bill at a local restaurant, trying to reward the good he witnessed.

Thank you ExWay Agent, well done.


I have tried to be more understanding of the homeless people that regularly annoy me on the streets downtown. I understand that they have psychological problems, and are probably addicted to one or more substances. The pitiful person I see before me may not even realize the horrible life they lead, that I can actually see. Even though I do not really have it to spare, I try to give them a few dollars when I see them. Irregardless, you give someone a little money, and they are happy for at least a minute or two. The other night I was going to dinner at a downtown restaurant. I noticed a homelss man watching the cars park and then approaching the people leaving them, begging for money. I hesitated a minute, looked in my wallet and found a five dollar bill. I thought that I would give him two or three dollars, not the entire five dollar bill. I walked into a bar and asked for some singles. I went back outside and could not find him. I walked to the corner and did not see him anywhere in sight. A few days later I learned that a homeless man had died of exposure to the cold at the State Office Building downtown. I wondered if it was the same homeless man. I wondered if my selfishness over five dollars may have somehow helped his despair and led to his death. I am watching and hoping to see the homeless man I saw that evening, that he is still alive, and that just for a minute or two, I can help just a little. Trying to be excellent, you only have so many chances to do the good thing, you only have so much time to do the right thing.

(Thanks to Tom, not his real name, from Midwest, USA)


Dear Exway:

I am in the process of following your challenge assignments. I am trying to make my life more simple and paying attention to the details I usually overlook, trying to be excellent. It is a struggle. I took a good look at my favorite every day watch. It was a gift from a girl friend about 15 years ago, and I have worn it daily since then. I noticed that the face was scratched up and the plating on the band was wearing off. I bought a new more stylish watch and it just looks excellent. I then noticed that my check wallet book had too many credit, gift, etc. cards in it making it bulge, and was showing signs of wear. I bought a new check wallet book and now carry only three plastic cards in it. I checked my sunglasses and noticed that the lenses were pretty scratched up. I looked for a new pair. I actually bought the same kind since I could not find any other pair that looked as good on me. I checked my favorite belt and discovered that even though it was only a month old, it was starting to split open at a certain spot. I complained to the store where I purchased it and they replaced it with a new one. I looked at the keys I carried with me. The key ring was tarnished and I had keys I never even used on it. I removed the old keys, and just put the keys I use on a new key ring. I could have easily ignored these details, and by themselves, not really significant, but in total, quite a difference in the way I look, the way I feel, my confidence and self assurance... One small detail at a time, and then on to bigger and better challenges. Thanks.

(Thanks to Sam, not his real name, from Midwest, USA)


I had always wanted to go rock climbing, but I had no idea what was really involved, and I wanted to be safe about it. So I started a climbing club at the local university. As I had hoped, there were persons who signed up who were experts at it. They contributed their knowledge and time and effort and with some additional books, we were soon having training sessions and eventually trips to Devils Lake in Wisconsin. We would camp out overnight and go climbing the next morning. It was excellent to see persons conquer their fears to some degree, and be so proud of themselves. It was a great time for all, and demonstrated to me how impossible ideas can become reality.

(Thanks to Roger, not his real name, Midwest, USA)



I had a job driving a forklift in a warehouse. Well the yellow paint on my forklift was many years old and it looked dingy and scratched up. I thought that I could touch it up here and there, try to make it neat, clean, excellent. So I went to the maintenance department and they gave me a can of spray paint. Well, over a period of a few weeks, somehow the entire forklift got painted, and then most of the other drivers did the same to their forklifts. It was nice to see people take some pride in their jobs, great for morale, and maybe make the place a little safer.

(Thanks to John, not his real name, Midwest, USA)


Dear Ex;

I always thought the game of chess was an elegant, even romantic and interesting endeavor. So once in high school, I joined the chess club. Knowing very little about the game, I was virtually ignored by the chess experts there, who were arguing various openings, end game strategies, etc. It would have been easy for me to quit, but I persisted. I was not there to prove that I could compete with these experts or beg their help. I wanted to learn the game, to improve, of course to win, but the joy of the game itself was my preoccupation. I would watch the games of the experts, but often I would not understand what was going on... I had a good time nonetheless. I found it interesting and engaging...

There was a chess competition and I was invited along, not to play of course, but just to watch and possibly learn something. I forget how it happened exactly but suddenly our team was short one player and would forfeit unless I played. I said of course, even though my team mates were groaning and making noises of despair. I would give it my best. I sat before my opponent and looked him square in the eye. I made each move with confidence and even with a little arrogance, as to why I had to waste time with a player of such little importance. The other players finished their games, and by some chance it all came down to my game. The expert players gathered around and tried to keep their disapointment to themselves. They knew that I had no chance of winning against this much more advanced player. Well, I managed to draw the game. I did not win and I did not lose, but earned enough points to win our team third place. A shout went up and suddenly, but only for my presence, we were victorious. I tried to be excellent and had a great time.

(Thanks to Ron, not his real name, Midwest, USA)

F. Mr. Excellentway:

I worked for a parking lot company. The boss invited me to help design and clean up a certain property. I told her before we start on this project, lets decide what you want to pay for it. We agreed that I would charge her 8 to 10 dollars an hour for the work performed plus expenses. I then worked day and night, not every day or every night, but often long days and some long nights. I hired a few other people to help me during the weekend and rented a bobcat to help. I often worked alone in all kinds of weather to meet the completion deadline. I never worked so hard in my life. It was back breaking work, shoveling dirt shovel by shovel, besides scraping and painting, new waste baskets, etc. I gave her regular updates and after 500 hours of work, and it was all done, the regular customers praised how the new lot looked, and many even assumed that there were new owners. The day I went to be paid she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't have the money. I said ok, just pay me a hundred dollars a month. Well, two years later I took her to court for not paying me. Just before the trial she begged me not to go through with it. I knew she had something of a nervous condition and that she would do poorly on the stand, and as much as I needed the money, I decided to drop the case, thinking she would pay me as promised. Well, I am naturally still watiing... I could have proved her wrong and made the court make her pay me, but it was better somehow that I just let her off the hook that day. Somehow being kind to her that day, when she deserved far less, was one excellent thing for me to do, and I remain stronger and happier than ever...

(Thanks to "George", not his real name, Midwest, USA)


A man worked for the phone company. He would go to a site to fix a certain problem there, and each site being a little different than the next, how it was set up, the voltages and values of certain lines, how the equipment was designed for a particular purpose... He found himself wasting a lot of time getting to know the site every time there was a problem there. So he started keeping notes on each site, and eventually took pictures to go along with the notes, and made a manual of sorts. Well, his manager discovered how efficient such notes were working for him, paid for him to make manuals for the other workers, and probably helped to save the company thousands of dollars a year, make the work easier, and solve problems sooner.

(Thanks to "Sam," not his real name, Midwest USA)


To Whom It May Concern;

I was involved with a woman for about two years...When she decided to leave me, I was devestated and heartbroken. But I decided instead of being angry, after being depressed for a while....I decided it was not going to defeat me...that I would become better for the woman who might truly love me...this woman whom I might soon meet....and that I should be the best for her... I made a concious decision, slowly but certainly, I would become someone new, different.....better. I would concentrate on trying to be better in a number of different areas...I might not be the most beautiful person in the world, but I would do whatever it took, work with what I had, to be the best looking person I could be... I improved my wardrobe. The test was if I looked excellent in it, it was in... If I looked ok, or I could not decide, it was out.. You will only see me now in items that are excellent. There are certain colors, certain styles that just look better on you. I review my closet every few months and if something is even a little faded, it goes out, no exceptions... I never owned a leather jacket, so I searched for the best looking one I could find, and bought it. It became a part of me. I searched for the best cologne for me...I tested it on my female friends. When all of them liked it, and some of them found it very attractive....it also became a part of me...

This combination of attitude and action changed my life and my world. I became better and happier. From these efforts, a real change ocurred in the way I saw the world and the way it saw me...It is hard to express exactly...it was some kind of knowing confidence, some kind of renewed strength...It was to say at the least, amazing to watch...but a wonderful thing to experience. It's like being unjustly hurt and left to suffer, and then healing in such a way that you are even stronger and better...

(Thanks to "Tom", not his real name, from the midwest U.S.)


Dear Exway;

After deciding I have way too many things in my life, I took the idea of trying to be better and lean and mean... and took on the task of touching everything I own, twice a year, and throwing out the excess. Well, it's been about three years now, and I am still working on it. However, I am not complaining. Friends of mine marvel at my accomplishment, and I am happier this way. My garage is practicallly spotless, instead of a garbage heap under a roof, I can now count the few things I keep in there, and I smile almost everytime I open the door. I am working on the basement and attic now and am making good progress. Yes I think a mimimalistic condensed and concentrated version of life suits me better...


(Thanks to "Pam" not her real name, from Midwest, USA)


Try To Be Excellent!

You have the ability to create One Excellent Moment!


Perhaps not every day, but when you see the opportunity... Despite others, despite the rush of the day, the weather, or anything else, when you see the sunlight breaking through the clouds, when your instincts tell you to act, and others see nothing or turn away... Act quickly and don't just do the right thing, go further and DO THE EXCELLENT THING!

Create One Excellent Moment!


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