Product Description


Necessary light for dark spaces or night, helpful at any time, required for emergencies. An Excellentway Society Lifetime System method, keeping enough light close at hand to see clearly when necessary. Do it right once, ready for a lifetime. Store some flashlights empty with extra batteries, keep others in designated spots, share some with family, friends. Enjoy the security and contentment of being very prepared. Strong, simple, excellent designs to provide a motivational focus, help to encourage and inspire you, keep an excellent attitude. Some of the most excellent lights found in all the world. Real tools for real life.

Flashlight Group Includes 19 Items:


45 Lumens Of Light.

Three Micro Sized LED Flashlights. Each uses 2 CR2016 size 3V batteries and produces 45 Lumens light intensity for 12 Hours. Keep nearest to you, on your person. Attach to pepper spray key ring, zipper tang, car keys, home keys, jacket, purse, etc. Made In U.S.A.


300 Lumens Of Light.

Three Mini Sized LED Flashlights. Each uses 2 AA size batteries and produces 300 Lumens light intensity for 30 minutes. Also provides the ability for lower light levels and S.O.S. strobe. Great for every day carry. Keep on your person, in your purse, in your vehicle, toolbox, at home, or at your work place. Made In China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.


500 Lumens Of Light.

Three Mini Sized LED Tactical Flashlights. Each uses 2 CR123 batteries, or 1 18650 rechargeable battery. These flashlights are slightly bulkier than the AA Mini Flashlights, and produce a serious 500 Lumens of light intensity for up to 1.5 hours. Great for an additional item on field trips or other adventures. Includes multiple light levels and flash strobe ability. Keep on your person, in your purse, in your vehicle, toolbox, at home, or at your work place. Made In China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

SPECIAL FLASHLIGHTS #10, #11, and #12:

130 Lumens Of Light.

Three Standard Heav Duty LED Flashlights, the real workhorses of the lighting group. Each uses 3 D size batteries and produces 130 Lumens light intensity for 79 hours. One Special Flashlight can be configured with amber caution or blinker light on bottom. Two Special Flashlights can also be configured with pointed endcap for breaking window glass in an emergency. Keep in vehicle, at home, office, or work place. Flashlights Made In U.S.A.


2900 Lumens Of Light.

One wide mouth 3 LED style, extremely bright flashlight. Uses 4 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and easily produces 2900 Lumens Light intensity for an hour. For responsible adult use only, a serious and extraordinary light source in a compact package. Also provides for lower light levels, Strobe, and SOS option. Includes accessories. Made In China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

RED EMERGENCY FLASHERS #14, #15, #16, #17, #18:

Five hockey puck style magnetic base red ultra-bright LED weather resistant flashers, with various flash patterns, including SOS. Use to alert others and mark emergency areas. Made In China. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.


180 Total Batteries.

Various sized batteries for flashlights or other devices in transport packs stored in one container, and solar chargers. The power keeps you going, keeps hope alive. Protect your power sources. Battery Core contains:

40 D, 48 AA, 28 AA Recharge, 12 18650 Recharge, 20 123, 20 2016, 12 2032, AA to D Converter Packs, Solar Chargers. Made In U.S.A. and China.

About The Excellentway Lifetime System Flashlights:

Darkness is there all around us. Inside buildings and small spaces, and at night everywhere... Nothing better when in doubt or when needed, a blazing torch showing the truth before you. Keep close and at hand, on your person, near you in your home, vehicle, and at your work place. Keep multiple light sources, ready for any event, ready to be shared, ready for darkness lasting longer than a few minutes... As you explore and walk the Earth, keep a torch ready and available, an excellent tool when needed. Keep your life something excellent, simple, strong, and focused on the path ahead. Blaze the way forward through the darkness with a good and hopeful spirit...

* LED and IC Chips used in lights, some batteries, and other devices may be compromised in the event of an EMP incident from natural or man-made sources. Consider keeping some flashlights, rechargeable batteries, and sensitive electronics shielded in a Faraday Cage. One might also consider keeping the old incandescent bulb styled flashlights as backup, possibly slightly better during an EMP event.

* Actual product may differ from examples shown.