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An Excellent Self Program updated from the book; "One Excellent One, Looking For And Being...," reprinted in part here by permission from the author, "Hawk."


The Excellent Self Program;

If you commit yourself to Trying to Be Excellent...

This is the Program;

A. Surround yourself with excellent things.

B. Surround yourself with excellent wisdom.

C. Surround yourself with excellent people.

D. Live in an excellent manner.


You must try to be healthy. You are one biological, chemical, organic electrical, spiritual being. Nothing is more important than keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle.


A. Sleep;

Test your sleep needs. When you have nothing to do the next day, turn your alarm off, measure how long you sleep and wake up naturally. Do this for a few days to come up with an average of about how many hours of sleep your body needs per night.

Change your schedule to obtain this amount of sleep most of your nights. Try to keep the same schedule through your weekends as well.

If there is any other reason why you are not sleeping well, confront the issue; bad pillow, lumpy bedding, etc., and fix it.

The goal is to be alert and not tired most of your day. If you are not getting enough sleep, you will not know the advantages of getting enough sleep.


B. Exercise;

Exercise at least 3 times per week. If you can create a routine of daily exercise, probably even better.

Ideally you have some kind of exercise equipment within your easy reach, where you live. When you rise in the morning you can work out on equipment without being a slave to the weather. You can work out before your shower, save the time and trouble of going to a gym, etc., Consider the advice of experts about how to stay fit safely. Use your imagination about how and when to exercise, include athletic games such as tennis or racquetball, etc., consider hiking, biking, etc.

Ideally you work your mind also, since it is all attached, use it all, exercise it all... Always have a book to read or some creative project you are working on. Play chess, cards, gamble a little something on electric roulette, etc., but challenge yourself, have fun with it, imagine, create, be curious, wonder, and discover. Take field trips!

The goal is to be fit and trim and in good shape with an energetic mind and soul...


C. Eat and Drink;

Follow the advice of experts. Ideally you keep high fat and cholesterol to a minimum. Try not to eat red meat or fatty fish more than once a week. Do not eat the brains or exotic parts of animals. Chicken may be better, more vegetables, fruit, etc. One way to keep your weight in check; Put as many hours between meals as you can, without feeling so starved that you finally overeat. When you do eat, eat something less than the food you ordered, never keep eating just to finish. Stop when you are about full. Exercise, keep moving, possibly eat spicy foods, to keep your metabolism up.

Drink good water constantly. A low mineral bottled water may be more healthy than chlorinated city water. Make a habit to carry a bottle or healthy drink with you in your vehicle, at work, etc.

The goal is to be trim and slightly muscular, with a minimum of body fat.


D. Vitamins;

Consider some kind of multiple vitamin supplement once a day, probably best with some little food, men lacking the iron, women supplementing the iron.

The goal is to stay healthy.


E. Avoid the bad stuff;

Avoid the things that steal your life away from you, sometimes in such subtle ways, you hardly notice your life missing... Smoking, drinking, drugs that distort your view, etc. Most people all ready know what is good for them, what nourishes themselves, their body and soul... If you can't laugh and smile without chemicals, you're not really laughing either... If you don't love the things you do, the way you live, the person you are, you have no reason to stay the same.

If you have a good excuse for avoiding a healthy lifestyle, it may be a reason, but it sure isn't good. Work on being better, or don't. Don't waste your life making excuses or caring about what other people think. Live your life the way you must, but remember that you either decide what your life is to become, or your life becomes what others decide.

Keep your eyes open, see the world, the people all around you, and watch both the mistakes they make and their honorable efforts... Choose for the best. Be good to yourself and those around you, try to avoid the miseries that others assume, that come to control and hurt themselves and others.



You must try to be safe and secure, some kind of roots in the ground so that you can grow.


A. Keep yourself and loved ones secure. Carry pepper spray at all times (where allowed by law). Use deadbolt locks, alarm systems, etc., to keep yourself, your home, your vehicle as safe as possible. Carry a small LED light on your pepper spray, key chain, coat, etc. Owning a firearm of any kind is a huge risk in itself. Be very careful how and when you justify such a risk. Many people who own firearms can not be as safe, responsible, and emotionally stable under all conditions, that is required.


B. Every person you love should have a cell phone or smart phone. Such phones are the best way to communicate, record photos or video, etc. The ideal cell phone does multiple things well, such as also keep your calendar, notes, address book, internet access, or even be tracked by GPS. If your work or play takes you somewhere cell phones may not work, invest in a satellite phone. Expensive for long conversations yes, but priceless under certain circumstances.


C. Keep yourself and loved ones safe from fire. Follow the advice of experts. Make sure that you know what to do in case of fire. Use combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors with 10 year internal batteries all over your home. Keep a 10 pound ABC Fire Extinguisher on every floor of your home, in the garage, in your vehicle, etc., just in case.


D. Keep some kind of Emergency Stocks; water, food, equipment, to be ready just in case of a man made or natural disaster. You might also create some kind of safe shelter area, some kind of safe harbor for you and your loved ones.

The goal is to be safe and secure under most conditions.


Adopt a wise and loving philosophy, and live it;


A. Let nothing stop your good work. Live the wisdom and laughter, wonder and curiosity, that is all around you.


B. Choose your goals and dreams carefully, then put some little time every day, every other day, etc., towards that project. Nothing is done in great leaps, it is always one minute at a time, a flash of inspiration here, an interesting possibility there... and then suddenly, "Done!', something excellent, that betters yourself, the world...


C. Consider, Resolve, Act.


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