Product Description


Use a simple box with a few simple items to become more inspired!

It can be a Master Project Idea Cache for all of your excellent imaginings and ideas, or the starting point for a new Major Project! Keep your notes, creative ideas, and Next To Do lists, in this small but powerful container.

A great gift idea for yourself, a friend, or someone you love. An Excellentway Society Lifetime System, a motivational focus item created, tested, and endorsed by the society. Use it to help remind you, inspire you to be more excellent, and motivate you into some noble action.

Claim your dream, make the commitment, open the lid, and smile with a world of possibilities there before you. Fill the space with a dream or some noble goal, scribbled notes on projects and ideas, maybe a snack! Create a place that will encourage and inspire you, help focus your good energies.

Take it to the beach or on the road with you, through rain and snow, all kinds of weather. Let it be like the sun rising with opportunity, on a shelf in your bedroom, in a desk drawer at the office, or on your work bench.

Excellent Life Project Box Includes 6 Items:

1 Case:

Heavy duty yellow weather resistant plastic case. Outside dimensions are about 12"x10"x8". Inside dimensions are about 9.5"x7.5"x7.25" tall. Made In U.S.A.

2 Books:

"One Excellent One, Looking For And Being..." By Hawk. A manual of sorts to encourage you. Created And Published In U.S.A.

"One Excellent Place, Design And Creation..." By Hawk. A plan to create better and more excellent structures and ways to survive on this planet. Created And Published In U.S.A.

1 Notebook:

A 4"x6" perforated ruled 50 index card notebook to help plan your way, make notes and record project ideas. Made In Mexico. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

1 Pen:

Black gel ink. Made In Japan. Help The World, Favor U.S.A.

1 Reminder:

Keep your attitude attached to your reality. Made In U.S.A.

About The Excellentway Society Lifetime System Excellent Life Project Box:

A simple yellow box, some 500 cubic inches. A way and a place to focus and concentrate your strength and attention, and help make something excellent happen.

A designated specific starting point, open the lid, focus your mind, smile, and let your great ideas merge into something brilliant! The result? A more excellent life!

Let this box be like the sun, slowly rising powerful and majestic on the horizon... A new day and new possibilities before you! Imagine the good, then demand the excellent!

* Actual product may differ from example shown.